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Our Shows

Over 200 Multicultural Podcast Shows

The Combat Jack Show

The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas is weekly online radio show comprised of a diverse array of personalities with an overall love and appreciation for hip hop culture, fashion, music, and current events. The show is helmed by Combat Jack and his co-host Dallas Penn, whose personalities add for an always entertaining show experience for the guests and listeners. With over 60 plus shows, thousands of downloads and online views this is only the beginning. “It don’t ever stop” #Newmanati

Neck of The Woods

Hosted by Black Twitter’s favorite cousin, blogger Freshalina invites listeners to take a seat on her front porch as she sounds off in her signature southern accent on hip-hop pop culture and beyond. Neck of The Woods is a hilarious weekly wrap-up of everything ranging from ratchet to righteous

Fan Bros

FanBros is the Premier podcast of geek culture by geeks of color.  FanBros sets itself apart from other podcasts by not only breaking down what’s current in geekdom/fandom, but examining things through the lens of race, gender, sexuality and cultural differences, particularly how these are handled or mishandled in mainstream media.  FanBros provides a unique perspective for a largely unrecognized audience.

In The Mix

w/ shoom — bringing you new music and new sounds from all over the globe along with interviews from your favorite and soon-to-be new favorite artists.

Plz Advise

Listen to writer, blogger and tingling Internet sensation Molly McAleer give advice to callers with problems ranging from cheating to laser hair removal and everything in between.

Shots Fired

Shots Fired is a weekly music podcast, which looks into the world of hip-hop with music journalist Jeff Weiss, underground hip-hop star MC Nocando, and special guests. New episodes premiere Thursdays on iTunes and soundcloud.

Do It Scared

Hosted by Lowkey, the “Do It Scared” podcast puts some familiar voices under the spotlight for moments when they were scared the most in their careers. Dehumanizing the guest to the fullest, LowKey pries into moments of uncertainty that normally you wouldn’t know about. Whether it be a pivotal moment in their career, a friendship and or a relationship, this is a conversation that needs to be shared on all fronts. Do It Scared will be released every Thursday at 11AM!

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club brings you the honest conversations about sex and relationships in hip-hop. Join her every week to hear the biggest stars in hip-hop and R&B talk sex like you’ve never heard them before

The Friend Zone

Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore where pop culture and zen living meet.

The Corner

“The Corner” is a boxing, mixed martial arts and pro wrestling podcast from a Hip Hop generation’s perspective. Hosted by two established journalists — Andreas Hale (BET, MTV, Billboard, GRAMMY, Ring Magazine, Sherdog, HipHopDX, Jay Z’s Life+Times) and Kel Dansby (Black Sports Online) — “The Corner” offers a refreshing and oftentimes humorous take on the combat sports world that combines the knowledge of a die hard pundit while keeping things accessible as they bridge the gap between the hip hop community and these sports.

Carmen Dominicci Trotamundos

Carmen Dominicci, the globetrotting journalist, expands her expertise with her own travel podcast providing her millions of followers and subscribers valuable insights and tips on travel destinations around the world, from budget vacations to destination honeymoons. When should you travel? How should you travel? What are the best deals? Join Carmen every week as she opens our eyes to the world of travel and helps us make our travel dreams become reality.

Red Light Special

Red Light Special is a podcast centered around R&B music and the way it makes us feel. Each week show hosts, Rob Markman and Kristin Coral, will explore the world of R&B with in-depth artist interviews, spirited debates, as well as interaction with the listeners.

C’Mon Son

C’Mon Son! The Podcast is hip-hop hall-of-fame inductee and Yo! MTV Raps legend Ed Lover’s take on pop culture. Raw, rugged and unfiltered, this podcast gives listeners a break from “the expected,” and will leave them wondering (while laughing hysterically), “what the f*** is wrong with Ed Lover?”

The Vlad Couch

Every week Vlad of Vlad TV brings you the best of his interviews with added commentary and and exclusive audio.

The Oprah Rose Show

The Oprah Rose Show is a podcast for the millennial modern day woman (and man). It is the dichotomy between Oprah and Amber Rose. Oprah is the personification of positivity, growth, and empowerment. Amber Rose represents a sexually free feminist who is bold, determined, and confident. TT and GG, similar to many women are a walking duality between the two seemingly different women, but can float transparently in and out of both spectrums. She is unapologetic, vulnerable, ambitious, authentic, and self-aware.

So Shameless

The host, Tahoe, takes on a myriad of taboo subjects with outspoken voices in the urban community. We talk about sexuality, race and racism, colorism, relationships and current events as they relate to everyday people.

Bárbara Palacios: El Universo de Inspiracion

Bárbara Palacios, winner of “Miss Universe 1986”, shares from the heart on the importance of knowing how to live well in this life. Using personal experiences, and wisdom acquired over time, Barbara invites us to live out our days to the fullest.

Marisa Explains It All stars

Marisa Explains It All stars journalist and personality Marisa Mendez, alongside co-host Mike Zombie, the producer of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More” and more. The pair discuss the music industry from an insider’s perspective while being candid about personal and professional struggles, as well as pop culture and Marisa’s wild dating life.

Cheers & Queers

A podcast where Black queer femmes Isake Smith and Kirya Traber sit down to chat about any and everything while having a drink.

Let’s Be Real Sportcast

It’s a show bringing you the latest news on the NBA and NFL through the perspective of the everyday man. Viewpoints which are unfiltered, unrefined, and comical. So listen in while we read in between the lines of today’s B.S.


You know the moods you experience every day? The crazy ideas that pop into your head? The artists who you want to ask “Soda or pop”? Us MusicBae hosts basically made a soundtrack for your life experiences. Because music = life.

Pondering Nerdcast

Feed your nerd with the Pondering Nerdcast. Where talk about everything nerd under the sun.

Wandering Blerds Podcast

The show that let’s those on the go know just where to go when the wander the big blue marble.

The Defended Podcast

Welcome to the Defended podcast where we take a look at the Marvel Television universe including the Netflix projects. It’s actually pretty sweet getting to chat about something that grabbed our attention with people whose opinions we highly value even when they don’t align.

Pondering Godscast

The Godscasts will be covering each episode of the American Gods show with our break down of each episode.

The He-Man Woman Haters Club

Mouse Jones, alongside Reek, comprise the He-Man Woman Haters Club podcast. Discussing everything from Hip Hop, relationships, women, and whatever else they probably shouldn’t. Tune in every week, never know who’s going to be dropping by the clubhouse.

Titty Talk Show

Titty Talk is not only about the funny side of sex, it’s about breaking down the taboos sex and the sex industry with a frank open discussion.

Super Upper Punch

Two guys talking about martial arts, and fighting and nonsense. Wrap your hands and bring your baby wipes, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

The Spicy Life

Spicy Mari and Dr. Ally bring you raw and uncut expert advice from the relationship industries top professionals. Spicy Mari is a Relationship Expert and founder of The Spicy Life Inc. Dr. Ally is a Clinical Psychologist. Together they explore taboo topics and tackle your hard to answer relationship questions. Every week you’ll receive valuable insight from dating coaches, psychologists, wedding planners, relationship authors, sexperts and so many more. The Spicy Life challenges you to take a different approach to forming and maintaining relationships. It’s time to live spicy.

The Black Therapist

Black Therapist Podcast formerly Black In Therapy is a podcast where we discuss the unique issues people of color face when dealing with mental health issues and mental health diagnosis. The podcast is hosted by Brooklyn based Psychotherapist Nikita Banks, LCSW who discusses her journey from patient to practitioner. On the podcast we have frank and open dialogue about the need for mental wellness routines in our communities.  

Negroes With a Podcast

Three negroes. Three opinions. One podcast. 

NWAP, or Negroes With a Podcast, is a simple show with a simple premise: we’re Black people talking about Black topics that directly affect our community.

We cover it all. Colin Kaepernick’s protest. How to own and operate a Black business. What legislation America can push to stop the killing of unarmed Black men, women, and children by police officers. And whether Cardi B was really engaged to Offset. If it’s something Black and important, we’re either going to talk about it or we’ve already talked about it.

The Gregory Nesmith Show

The Gregory Nesmith Show – A Special Delivery of UNderdogstuff®! Exploring how Underdogs get our swagger back in today’s society & culture. From all the “UN” angles: The UNavoidable, The UNderreported, The UNbelievable, The UNjust, The UNsaid, The UNconventional, and more UNderdogstuff®!

Topics inspired by current events, past events, turnarounds (the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t), our personal lives, and a pinch of politics. Episode segments include: Unavoidable News, Swagger Back Commandments, The UN of the Week, Unconventional Ideas, and Underdog Spotlight.

Pritty Left Hook

Welcome to the PRITTY Left Hook podcast where we get real about combat sports! I promise you that I will take a position that will either have you fist-pumping your coworker in the next cubicle or cursing me out voraciously. I talk trash and get in that ass, baby.

TSL Sports Talk

Sports commentary & stories.

Host: Mark Gray

Strictly Speaking

Inside access to everything basketball, NBA and New York City.

Host: NBA Legend Rod Strickland


Commas is all things tech from life hacks, to entrepreneurship advice, to love, life, and tech.

Hosted by Sequoia Blodgett.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Let Your Voice Be Heard is a talk show that adds a dose of trap music, Beyonce, and hot sauce to unseasoned news. Each week, our team dissects politics, social issues, and pop culture from a diverse millennial perspective and empowers our listeners to incite progressive change in society.

Reid This/Reid That

The play cousins break down the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, and welcome (Prince) Archie. Joy Ann brings in an advanced copy of her latest book and reveals she never spanked her kids.  Cousin Jacque is preparing for a big announcement next month. And The Fashion Queen, Bevy Smith, breaks down everything Met Gala.

Switch, Pivot or Quit Podcast

For girlfriend sitting at her day job thinking, “This Can’t Be Life!” Host Ahyiana Angel successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a traditionally published author and her insights have been featured by Create & Cultivate, Black Enterprise, The Muse and more. As the Chief Encourager, Ahyiana shares her tips in addition to interviewing seasoned professional women who provide clarity, practical tactics and help listeners walk away with actionable items for improving their personal and professional lives. This weekly show is for the woman seeking encouragement, inspiration + change in a life filled with demands on who she should be. Candid convo when you’re deciding if you need to Switch, Pivot, or Quit™.

Beauty, Brains, and Business

Beauty, Brains and Business is a weekly podcast that focuses on the female entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out, trying to grow your side hustle, or learning how to leverage your current business, this podcast will provide you with information and resources that are needed to run a successful business and start living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Hosted by Dr. Carey Yazeed.

WHOREible Decisions

WHOREible Decisions has quietly become one of the hottest…. raciest, rawest podcasts on the internet” -VICE.com

Tune in for a new episode every Monday, hosts Mandii B & WeezyWTF sit down and discuss sex, dating and relationships with an array of guests such as: couples, doctors, pornstars, BDSM and LGBTQ members, activists, celebs, and more! Join in on the journey of this anti-slut shaming podcast as they work through educating us with laughs as they attempt to normalize kinks.

Points on the Board

Points On The Board is a podcast on The Shadow League, hosted by managing editor Kyle Harvey. Each week, Harvey sits down with rising athletes, sports writers, and creatives who analyze the lessons they learned from the field and how they applied it to their crafts.

The Stranded Podcast
This show is for those who feel they are living in a stuck place with their past, career, relationship, marriage, or entrepreneur journey. This show will help listeners learn the importance of pressing play during the stranded phase. The Stranded phase is a phase any successful person must endure to prove the worthiness of their gift, like a right of passage. Each guests will share their story to overcoming their Stranded phase and why it yielded greatness on the other side.
Get off The BNDWGN

2 young guys giving you hot takes on everything Knicks, sports and pop-culture on a weekly basis. Come here weekly to relax and have a good time.

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